At Natura Medica, we strive for excellence in care, informed by extensive experience and an ongoing pursuit of further knowledge.

Dr Nicolas Roost, Osteopath and director

BAppSc (Comp Med), MOst, member OA

Nicolas was born and grew up in Switzerland. He trained and worked as an environmental engineer until his growing curiosity about the workings of the body and his eagerness to work closer to people triggered him to drastically change direction and become an Osteopath.

Nicolas views Osteopathy as a manual medicine rather than a mere musculoskeletal therapy. Osteopathy uses structure as a handle on function, and places local dysfunctions in the context of the whole body. Nicolas has a particular interest in chronic disorders, which often call for a more detailed look at the interface between our musculoskeletal system (our ‘external shell’) and more ‘internal’ tissues (organs and associated nerves, vessels and fasciae). In his treatments, he strives for precision and uses gentler, low-force techniques, which are well suited to people of all ages.

Nicolas is very dedicated to learning and regularly travels in Australia and overseas to deepen his skills, focusing on:

Nicolas is one of the most experienced practitioners of visceral manipulation in Melbourne. He became certified in that modality (the first one to do so in Victoria) by the Barral Institute in 2019. He is also a teaching assistant and study group leader in visceral manipulation with the Barral Institute.

Outside of work, Nicolas regularly practices Tai Chi and meditation, and is a big fan of rock climbing.

Nicolas is looking forward to working with you to help you overcome your key physical barriers, restore your resilience and access your full health potential.

Chris Eddy, Dr of Chinese Medicine

BAppSc (HB & TCM)

Chris graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne and Nanjing Chinese Medicine University, China in 2003. Chris is also clinical supervisor at RMIT University and spends half his time teaching Chinese medicine students the skills he has gained.

It is Chris’s patient, professional and gentle personality that makes him very approachable and dedicated to his patients health.

Chris has been to over a hundred practitioners through the years to keep up with what’s out there and remind himself what it is like to be a patient and sit on the other side of the desk. It is conclusive from this that Chris finds it’s not only important to have a warm, relaxing and friendly practitioner and environment, you want a service that offers results and a clear health plan and understanding of where your body is stuck, and how to move it forward.

This comes from 1. Clarity in diagnosis 2. Skill in what to do with that diagnosis 3. Effective treatment and self empowerment through advice.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your health.

Danielle Maguire, Dr of Chinese Medicine

BAppSc (HB & TCM)

Dr Danielle Maguire (TCM) created Embrace Acupuncture, a practice dedicated to women’s health, fertility and pregnancy after seeing many women struggle to fall pregnant naturally or who were suffering from pain and period related symptoms and were frustrated that their health needs were not being met.

Loving the integration, the fusion of the best elements of Chinese & Western medicine was what led Danielle to complete her degrees in both Chinese Medicine and Human Biology and to continue with post graduate fertility studies. She has also completed a clinical internship in Nanjing, China in a hospital incorporating Western & Chinese Medicine to greatly improve health and wellbeing.

Danielle’s focus is on combining Western diagnostic tests with Acupuncture, herbs, supplements and diet & lifestyle advice to measure and improve health as a way of encouraging the body’s natural fertility and hormonal regulation.

Danielle’s approach is warm and gentle, yet effective and her treatments deeply relaxing.

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