Experienced and caring practitioners in the hub of Northcote

Being healthy is a fundamental requisite for enjoying life. Our body is incredibly dynamic and clever at maintaining balance and health, but, sometimes, the challenges placed on it are just too great, opening the door to dysfunction and pain.

At Natura Medica, we bring you extensive experience in 2 very complementary natural therapies – Osteopathy and Acupuncture – to support your journey toward resilience and health.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in a warm and caring environment conveniently located in the hub of Northcote, with street parking and easy public transport access.

Latest articles

  • Photograph by Sam Oakes

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The connection between our mind and body has long been recognised. It is well represented in contemporary language, with expressions such as ‘having a gut feeling’, ‘being left breathless’ and ‘wearing [...]

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Trauma comes in various forms – from a physical injury to a distressing emotional experience. In any case, trauma challenges our system and activates defensive mechanisms in our mind and body. [...]